Tips for Using Stufz

Explore these tips and instructions on how to use your StufZ burger press.  

1. MEAT SHOULD BE COLD AND NOT LEFT OUT PRIOR TO USE. Meats just removed from the refrigerator will enhance the process of removal from StufZ and create better sealed patties. REMEMBER, once meat approaches room temperature it may get too sticky and not be safe for human consumption. For additional information on the handling of raw meats please refer to
2. You will quickly learn the proper amounts of meat to utilize for the bottom and top patties. To make the best StufZ sealed patties ensure that your top patty is not too large.
3. Ensure that any meats you may use as stuffers are pre-cooked.
4. We have found that if you lightly wet StufZ with water or a non-stick oil prior to use, your patties will easily eject and hold the best form once removed.
5. Don’t be afraid to use a lot of stuffers and create your own signature burger! The StufZ team found that most people were too cautious not to overstuff their burgers the first time they used StufZ. We say stuff them as much as you like!

Pull StufZ straight up until it clicks and locks into position. The handle should be resting in the holder. (FIGURE 1)


1. Pull the latch slightly until the top releases.
2. Place the ball of meat into your STUFZ. Close to lock. Use a maximum of 1/3 cup of burger meat, or less to fit your appetite.
3. Push the handle down firmly to flatten the ball. Pull up the handle until it clicks.(FIGURE 1)
4. Turn the handle to release the StufZ Pocket/cavity maker. (FIGURE 2)
5. Press the handle down multiple times to form pocket/cavity. Pull handle up slowly and return to locked position. (FIGURE 3)
6. Open and fill cavity with your favorite toppings (FIGURE 4) (FORMED MEAT SHOULD NOT BE ABOVE RIM ON BASE)

IMPORTANT: Raw stuffed ingredients should be fully cooked before stuffing.

7. Add ground meat to the inside of the top and spread it out evenly to fill the entire shape. (FIGURE 5)
8. Close and lock, press the handle down firmly to seal top to bottom.
9. Open your StufZ and press the disc up from the bottom to eject your stuffed burger. Remove the disc from the meat. (FIGURE 6)
10. You are ready to cook your burger.

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