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Avoid Kitchen Messes with StufZ

stufz-reviews-wallpatchJamie Posada, of Wall Patch, says he loves stuffed burgers but often creates a huge mess in his kitchen when he tries to create them. He decides to review the StufZ burger maker and shares his opinions with his readers.

“[T]he main goal of the StufZ is to help you create burger patties quickly and conveniently. In contrast, hand stuffing as well as molding requires a lot of time and effort just to create a single patty” he notes.

He concludes his StufZ review by mentioning the benefits of using StufZ:

• The patties have excellent shapes
• No spillage
• It’s relatively easy to clean
• Considerably fewer mess around the kitchen
• The finish product tastes great
• It has an easy to use design
• Easy to assemble and disassemble
• Easily stored in a cabinet or cupboard

Read Jamie’s full review of StufZ at Wall Patch