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StufZ Sizzles in the Kitchen

Epic Review Guys posted a video review of StufZ recently. Epic reviewer, Chris, demonstrated with his assistant, Danielle, how to make stuffed burgers using StufZ. Together they showed how easy it is to prepare StufZ burgers in a kitchen setting and their video captures each burger patty being pressed in the StufZ. They create one stuff burger with cheddar cheese and another with fresh spinach and cheddar cheese.


The perfectly formed patties cooked up without losing any of their shape in a regular frying pan on the stovetop. Within just a few minutes, their meal was done.

The video shows the steaming inside of the juicy patties filled with cheese melted and greens wilted, ready for eating. As for flavor, Danielle says of the StufZ burgers, “They taste great!”

See their full StufZ video review