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Cookout Season with StufZ!

Spring is finally here and that means it’s “Cookout Season!”  It’s time to break out those grills, your StufZ burger press, and all your favorite grilled food items!

With StufZ you can make the best grilled stuffed burgers around!  It’s as easy as 1-2-3!  Simply shape the ground beef (or your ground meat of choice), put in all your favorite ingredients, and then seal it with some more ground beef.  Then place the stuffed burgers on the grill and watch them cook as your mouth waters with anticipation!


Happy grilling from StufZ!


StufZ Highly Recommended for Beef and Chicken Burgers

Wander Dano said he’d seen StufZ advertised on television and had friends who had used the StufZ burger press so he decided to try StufZ for himself and he shared his StufZ review on his YouTube channel.


After reading the provided instructions “Dano” decided to use his StufZ burger press to create a hamburger with ground beef, turkey bacon, onions, mushrooms, garlic, and habanero cheese and another with ground chicken, ham strips, Swiss cheese, onions, mushrooms, and garlic.

He put all his burgers on the grill and cooked them to his pleasure.  “Those look good,” Dano says as he pulled them off.  He then cut them in half to see how the StufZ did.  “You can look into them and see the good stuff” he declares.

He “highly recommends” StufZ!

Watch Wander Dano’s full StufZ review


Getting Fit with your StufZ Burger Press


stufz-review-fit-tip-dailyAdria Ali (of Fit Tip Daily) is a personal trainer who has “dedicated her life to changing people’s perception of fitness…”

In a recent post for her “Low Carb Monday” series Ali provides a recipe for stuffed turkey burgers and she discusses how StufZ helped to make these low-carb treats. “I decided to get a bit crafty and try out this recipe for stuffed turkey burgers” says Ali. “I used my own low carb recipe for the filling and a cool new gadget to stuff the burgers….StufZ.”

After sharing the recipe and the steps involving her StufZ burger press Ali says she ended up with 7 huge stuffed turkey burgers. “They were SO FILLING that I only really needed to eat half of one,” she adds. “They made for a quick snack before the gym….”

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Celebrate with a StufZ Burger Bar!

Crystal – of Finding Crystal – is a self-proclaimed “food loving, product reviewing, personal story telling Southern housewife” and she recently told her story about reviewing StufZ.


Crystal discussed the experiences she, and her husband Michael, first had with StufZ. Using various Crystal shows how StufZ is used to create the perfect stuffed burger. She also listed a number of tips she felt people she use when using StufZ.

Crystal concludes her StufZ review by noting the numerous possibilities that could be created with StufZ and says: “It would be great for a party. You could set up a burger bar, whatever a person wanted loaded into their burger, and then grilled. You could also use ground chicken or ground turkey to make healthy sandwiches. The possibilities are truly endless.”

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