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Getting Fit with your StufZ Burger Press


stufz-review-fit-tip-dailyAdria Ali (of Fit Tip Daily) is a personal trainer who has “dedicated her life to changing people’s perception of fitness…”

In a recent post for her “Low Carb Monday” series Ali provides a recipe for stuffed turkey burgers and she discusses how StufZ helped to make these low-carb treats. “I decided to get a bit crafty and try out this recipe for stuffed turkey burgers” says Ali. “I used my own low carb recipe for the filling and a cool new gadget to stuff the burgers….StufZ.”

After sharing the recipe and the steps involving her StufZ burger press Ali says she ended up with 7 huge stuffed turkey burgers. “They were SO FILLING that I only really needed to eat half of one,” she adds. “They made for a quick snack before the gym….”

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StufZ Sizzles in the Kitchen

Epic Review Guys posted a video review of StufZ recently. Epic reviewer, Chris, demonstrated with his assistant, Danielle, how to make stuffed burgers using StufZ. Together they showed how easy it is to prepare StufZ burgers in a kitchen setting and their video captures each burger patty being pressed in the StufZ. They create one stuff burger with cheddar cheese and another with fresh spinach and cheddar cheese.


The perfectly formed patties cooked up without losing any of their shape in a regular frying pan on the stovetop. Within just a few minutes, their meal was done.

The video shows the steaming inside of the juicy patties filled with cheese melted and greens wilted, ready for eating. As for flavor, Danielle says of the StufZ burgers, “They taste great!”

See their full StufZ video review

CBS in Pittsburgh puts StufZ to the test

StufZ Does it Really Do That CBS Pittsburgh

With summer cookouts in full swing, more and more people are discovering StufZ – the handy kitchen tool that helps you to make stuffed burgers just like a pro chef.  Recently, KDKA-TV anchor Jennifer, Dee and her kids tried out the StufZ burger maker.

“We definitely have burgers, maybe once a week, but they’re boring burgers. Just throw them on the grill, salt and pepper, and that’s it. So, I think this could be a real game-changer,” Quinn said.

While Dee got the ground meat ready, her daughter prepared the StufZ.  It formed a nice pocket, and they filled it with cheese & bacon.  After pressing on the top piece and sealing it, they cooked it up.

Patrick tried it first, and when asked if this is a restaurant quality burger, he said yes, it was.  “Well that saves me money,” Dee said.

They all gave it the thumbs up, and were happily surprised.

Watch the clip at http://pittsburgh.cbslocal.com/2014/07/07/does-it-really-do-that-stufz

Two Thumbs Up for StufZ!

The Newswatch 16 (WNEP) consumer product review segment, “Does It Really Work?” recently considered StufZ and they asked one of the area’s most popular burger restaurants, the Ranch Wagon (Dallas, PA), to assist them in their StufZ review.


Several StufZ burgers were created including these flavorful combinations: bacon, caramelized onion and cheddar cheese and an altogether different burger with sauerkraut, the Ranch Wagon’s signature jalapeno relish and pepper jack cheese.

Restaurant patrons responded very positively to samples of the tasty burgers and the Ranch Wagon owner says, “I was amazed, really! They have a great flavor.”

One of the cooks interviewed said she found the StufZ patty maker to be simple to use – and the taste of the burgers, “Excellent!”

Watch the full StufZ review

WREG Tests the StufZ Hamburger Press

The StufZ burger maker was recently considered on the WREG-TV weekly consumer product review segment who asked one local resident to assist them in their StufZ review.


Stephanie, a typical consumer, was selected to try the StufZ patty maker in her usual setting in the kitchen of her home while being filmed for the TV segment. As Stephanie demonstrated, preparing the burgers with StufZ was easy. She chose to fill her StufZ burger with bleu cheese and fresh spinach and the seam of the stuffed patty stayed intact throughout the cooking process.

When asked if StufZ passed the “Does It Work?” test Stephanie exclaims, “Absolutely!”

Watch the full StufZ review from WREG

Get Creative with Your StufZ Hamburger Press


The StufZ burger press was recently reviewed by review site, TV Stuff Online, and they offered a number of ingredients one could use to make their own stuffed burger with StufZ.

Peas and carrots
Mushrooms and swiss cheese
Fresh spinach
Sun dried tomatoes
Mac and cheese
Ground chicken and ham
Ground turkey

The review also provides some information about the StufZ commercial, where to buy StufZ and they even go over some StufZ FAQs.

Read their full StufZ review and happy Stufz-ing!

FOX Station Reviews the StufZ Burger Maker

stufz-review-fox8-high-point-ncThe StufZ was recently reviewed by FOX 8 station (of High Point, NC) for their “Deal or Dud” segment.

Consumer Reporter Melissa Painter visits “Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar” and asks Chef Chris to help her with the StufZ review.

“Our final result looks great” Painter says after making a feta, spinach and roasted peppers stuffed burger. Then go on to make a bacon and cheese stuffed burger. “Check that out” she says. “That’s a stuffed burger….Our burger chef thinks the end result is delicious too”

Melissa Painter and Chef Chris declare StufZ is a “Deal!”

Watch the StufZ video review from FOX8

As Seen On TV Reviewer Highly Recommends StufZ

stufz-review-as-seen-on-tv-official-blogBrian, from As Seen on TV Official Blog, admits his love for stuffed hamburgers. “What is better than regular hamburgers?” he asks. “Stuffed burgers! There is nothing I love more than a burger stuffed with cheese, spices, and toppings!

Brian decides to give the StufZ hamburger press a try and he shares his experiences on the review blog. “I made turkey burgers stuffed with mozzarella, bacon, and jalapeños. I made hamburgers stuffed with provolone and mushrooms! The possibilities are endless….I highly recommend the Stufz to anyone that is ready to try something new with their food.”

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StufZ becomes a Family Favorite

stufz-review-review-galThe StufZ was recently reviewed by The Review Gal who begins her review by sharing how she learned about the StufZ hamburger press. “My dad had seen an advertisement on TV for [the StufZ] hamburger stuffer…[and] he recently purchased one for himself, because he was having a cookout with his friends, and wanted to try a new way of making hamburgers.”

“He said he absolutely loves it” she reports “and his guests were quite happy.” This “review gal” decided to purchase one for her own family and was quite pleased with the results. “Stufz has helped my husband’s cooking….” she says “[and] Stufz has become the family’s favorite kitchen tool.”

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StufZ Helps You to Create Stuffed Burgers Right at Home!

stufz-review-as-seen-on-TV-product-reviewsStufZ was recently reviewed by As Seen on TV Product Reviews who reveal how StufZ can help food lovers to “make amazing stuffed burgers right at home.”

“The patty shaped container is perfect to bring together a variety of food items in a stuffed manner in just three simple steps” the reviewer states. StufZ also helps to “keep the flavors and juices intact which can be lost by traditional methods.” The result of creating a stuffed burger with StufZ is an “explosion of flavors into the mouth.”

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