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StufZ Makes a Burger into a Meal

Valley News Live runs a segment where various As Seen on TV products are tested. StufZ was put to the test not long ago and the results are in for the grilling season.

Craig Solway, a viewer of Valley News Live, offered up his grill for the opportunity to prep some stuffed burgers using StufZ. Usually Craig just piles cheese and veggies on top of his burgers. “They get to be pretty messy though,” says Craig.


What were the results? Craig’s stuffed burgers contained vegetables and cheese and his StufZ burgers came out bigger than expected. “[T]hat’s a big burger,” says Craig.

Craig likes the StufZ burger press and already seeking out new recipes to use with his StufZ. Craig definitely said he would buy one and his family agrees that they want more StufZ burgers on their menu!

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