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Create the Perfect Stuffed Hamburger Seal with StufZ

“One night, I decided to make my family happy and stuff some hamburgers” begins StufZ reviewer – Jen Hughes – for ShopperTested. “Having never stuffed a hamburger before, I thought it would be really easy — was I in for a rude awakening….In fact, it was a complete disaster!”


Jen discusses how her method of stuffing burgers created imperfect seams which allowed all the ingredients to leak out during the cooking process. She connected with a neighbor who recently created wonderful stuffed burgers for her and she learned about the StufZ burger press.

“When my neighbor finally got done laughing [about my unsuccessful attempt],” says Jen “she told me…she used the little gadget…called the StufZ.”

Jen decides to give StufZ and try and says “I couldn’t believe how incredibly easy the StufZ was to use and how perfect each patty came out….I must say the seal is consistently PERFECT every time!”

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