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NBC Station Gives the StufZ Two Thumbs Up

stufz-reviews-wtsmThe StufZ hamburger maker was recently reviewed by NBC station KTSM (El Paso, TX) for a segment on their “Will It Work? With Noreen Jaramillo” series.

Noreen decides to use the StufZ to make stuffed cheeseburger.

“Wow! Look at that! I’d say that’s a stuffed cheeseburger” Noreen exclaims after cooking her burger and cutting it in half. “I’m going to give it two thumbs up.”

“Yum” remarked her co-anchor Sandra Ramirez. “Now I want a cheeseburger for breakfast!”

Watch the full StufZ review at KTSM

Create the Perfect Stuffed Hamburger Seal with StufZ

“One night, I decided to make my family happy and stuff some hamburgers” begins StufZ reviewer – Jen Hughes – for ShopperTested. “Having never stuffed a hamburger before, I thought it would be really easy — was I in for a rude awakening….In fact, it was a complete disaster!”


Jen discusses how her method of stuffing burgers created imperfect seams which allowed all the ingredients to leak out during the cooking process. She connected with a neighbor who recently created wonderful stuffed burgers for her and she learned about the StufZ burger press.

“When my neighbor finally got done laughing [about my unsuccessful attempt],” says Jen “she told me…she used the little gadget…called the StufZ.”

Jen decides to give StufZ and try and says “I couldn’t believe how incredibly easy the StufZ was to use and how perfect each patty came out….I must say the seal is consistently PERFECT every time!”

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StufZ Receives Thumbs Up Rating!

The StufZ stuffed burger maker was recently reviewed by the folks at Does it Really Work? where it received a “thumbs up” rating.


“Getting things in the middle of a burger can be tricky,” the review begins “and if you’re not a professional burger maestro you might struggle with it until you figure it out. Enter Stufz. It is supposed to make it so that you can stuff a burger without fumbling around trying to do it by hand.”

The reviewer goes on to note the limitless options one has when using StufZ. They note how StufZ could be used for chili burgers, pizza burgers, chicken cordon bleu and more! “Basically, if burgers were getting boring, this is a way to make sure that you never get tired of them.”

Does It Really Work concludes their review about the StufZ stuffed burger maker by saying “We like Stufz and are giving it our Thumbs Up rating. They’ve done a good job of keeping things simple and easy, and with the ideas they provide you won’t be short on how to keep the stuffed burgers flowing.”

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Make Delicious Gourmet Burgers with StufZ

The StufZ hamburger press was recently reviewed for As Seen on TV Blog and the reviewer, Shane, said he was sure about StufZ. “I was a little concerned at first when testing it out that it would be complicated to use” admits Shane. “Thankfully, that’s NOT the case. It really was really easy! You just press the bottom to make your pocket, fill it up with your ingredients, and seal the top.”


Shane goes to discuss how the stuffed burgers made with StufZ held up during the cooking process. “I was also impressed with how well the stuffed patties held up during cooking. The consistently sized walls that the StufZ creates when making the pocket seems to be the secret.”

Shane concludes his StufZ review by saying: “All in all, I really liked testing out the StufZ burger press and my family will continue to use it well into the future as it does its’ job really well for a good price. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes delicious, gourmet burgers or just wants to spice up their burger nights!”

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