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StufZ Will Take Your Favorite Burger to a Whole New Level

The StufZ patty press is a priceless tool for any burger aficionado. In fact, Action News 5 Chief Consumer Investigator Andy Wise considers the StufZ burger press a “wise buy.” When put to the test by Seth Agranov, author of the Best Memphis Burger blog and co-founder of the Best Memphis Burger Festival, and Chef Tate from the Memphis burger hot spot, the Green Beetle, the results were very impressive.


Agranov was pleased with the “…StufZ version of the Green Beetle’s signature burgers: Swiss cheese and mushroom for a StufZ Shroom and Swiss, bacon and bleu cheese for a Bacon Black and Tiger Blue Burger, and pineapple, slaw, and provolone for a stuffed Big Kahuna!”

Holding shape on the grill was unquestionable, “Each time, the StufZ sealed the toppings inside the burgers perfectly. And even after Chef Tate grilled them, the StufZ-formed burgers kept their seals.”

Check out the StufZ review from Action News 5