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Another Thumbs Up Rating for StufZ

stufz-review-KDKACBS station, KDKA (Pittsburg, PA), reviewed the StufZ burger press for their “Does it Really Do That?” series with Jennifer Antkowiak.

Antkowiak asked Dee Quinn (of Monroeville,PA) and her kids to help her with the StufZ review. “We definitely have burgers, maybe once a week…. I think this could be a real game-changer,” Quinn said.

Dee’s daughter, Annie, placed some ground beef into their StufZ. She then closed the StufZ lid and latch to lock, and pushed the handle down to form a pocket. “Oh, there we go” exclaims Dee. “That looks nice!” There was an even, deep pocket in the meat patty.

Annie and Dee then load up the pocket with bacon and cheddar cheese, they used StufZ to create a meat top, and then they were ready to grill. They watch as their stuffed burger cooked nicely on the grill and did not fall apart. Then they were ready to taste and Dee’s son, Patrick, was eager to go first and was happy with his StufZ stuffed burger! The Quinn family gave StufZ “thumbs up” all around!

Watch the full StufZ review from KDKA

StufZ Receives Thumbs Up Rating!

The StufZ stuffed burger maker was recently reviewed by the folks at Does it Really Work? where it received a “thumbs up” rating.


“Getting things in the middle of a burger can be tricky,” the review begins “and if you’re not a professional burger maestro you might struggle with it until you figure it out. Enter Stufz. It is supposed to make it so that you can stuff a burger without fumbling around trying to do it by hand.”

The reviewer goes on to note the limitless options one has when using StufZ. They note how StufZ could be used for chili burgers, pizza burgers, chicken cordon bleu and more! “Basically, if burgers were getting boring, this is a way to make sure that you never get tired of them.”

Does It Really Work concludes their review about the StufZ stuffed burger maker by saying “We like Stufz and are giving it our Thumbs Up rating. They’ve done a good job of keeping things simple and easy, and with the ideas they provide you won’t be short on how to keep the stuffed burgers flowing.”

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