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Stars Galore for StufZ

The Constant Consumer (aka Tammy Markley) and “Sweety John” decided to try our StufZ burger press for their “We can do it Wednesday” series on their YouTube channel.

They used their StufZ to create hamburgers with cheese, mushrooms and onions.  “I didn’t think we’d have this much room” Tammy notices.  “I can taste it already.”


“The key is sealing it,” notes John.  “It looks to be a pretty good seal.”

They then placed their StufZ burgers on a pan and cooked them on their stovetop.

“It looks juicy and delicious” says Tammy as she placed their cooked burgers on a bun. She then gave it a taste test.  “Mmmm…It’s good” declares Tammy.

John says “you can do a lot” with the StufZ burger press and he gave it 4 stars.  Tammy gave it “4 to 5 stars!”

Watch their full StufZ video review