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Make Delicious Gourmet Burgers with StufZ

The StufZ hamburger press was recently reviewed for As Seen on TV Blog and the reviewer, Shane, said he was sure about StufZ. “I was a little concerned at first when testing it out that it would be complicated to use” admits Shane. “Thankfully, that’s NOT the case. It really was really easy! You just press the bottom to make your pocket, fill it up with your ingredients, and seal the top.”


Shane goes to discuss how the stuffed burgers made with StufZ held up during the cooking process. “I was also impressed with how well the stuffed patties held up during cooking. The consistently sized walls that the StufZ creates when making the pocket seems to be the secret.”

Shane concludes his StufZ review by saying: “All in all, I really liked testing out the StufZ burger press and my family will continue to use it well into the future as it does its’ job really well for a good price. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes delicious, gourmet burgers or just wants to spice up their burger nights!”

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