StufZ FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the StufZ stuffed hamburger maker

Is StufZ difficult to use?
No! Using StufZ is easy as 1-2-3. First, shape your burger meat to allow for stuffings. Second, stuff it with your favorite ingredients. And then finally seal the patty to hold in all the flavors.

How much can I stuff my burger with StufZ?
The StufZ team found that most people were too cautious not to overstuff their burgers the first time they used StufZ.  Add how much you want in the middle and see what happens.  You should be able to quickly see if it will work or not.

Is StufZ dishwasher safe?
Yes! You can clean your StufZ in your dishwasher.

Should I cook the raw ingredients I use to stuffed a burger with StufZ?
Yes! Be sure to cook all raw ingredients before stuffing the burger. The USDA recommends all hamburger meat be cooked to 165F in its center. Always make sure the burger is fully cooked before eating. For additional food safety guidelines, please visit

One thought on “StufZ FAQs

  1. Alicia Wright

    I am looking for your large size STUFZ. I know they used to have them on Tv. My husband likes a burger that fits the bun and then some. Me, I don’t use the bun but I like the burger on a larger scale.
    Thank You
    Alicia Wright


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