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About StufZ

StufZ allows you to make stuffed burgers just like a prof chef! Create the ultimate fusion of flavor with the StufZ hamburger press. It’s easy as 1-2-3! Shape it! Stuff it! Seal it! StufZ makes a perfectly stuffed and neatly sealed patty every time!

The secret to a real stuffed burger is ensuring that all those juices and flavors don’t escape out the side. The ingenious design of StufZ does just that and it creates a super deep dish for all your ingredients.


Use StufZ™ to make some of these awesome combinations:

Bacon, Cheese, and Onions
Mushrooms and Swiss Cheese
Garlic, Fresh Spinach, Sun Dried Tomatoes, and Parmesan Cheese
Mac and Cheese
Cheese and Mashed Potatoes
Chicken, Ham, and Swiss Cheese
Salsa and Crushed Chips
Pizza Burger (Mozzarella, Pepperoni, and Tomato Sauce)
Make Turkey, Chicken, & Veggie Burgers!

StufZ Scores a Touchdown!

Former New England Patriots tight end, Jermaine Wiggens, tested out StufZ and grilled his burgers alongside Leslie Gaydos from NECN in a recent “Does It Work?” segment.

A burger stuffed with bleu cheese was created while using StufZ and coined, “The Wiggie.” A second recipe was used filling the burger with onions and cheese – it remained unnamed, emphasizing Jermaine’s preference.


So, how did the StufZ burgers taste and hold up? The one word response from Jermaine spoke volumes, “Touchdown!”

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StufZ Helps You Cook Like a Pro!

“Tom’s TV Test,” a segment running on ABC station WGGB and starring Tom Lewis, recently tested the StufZ burger maker. They called upon a local restaurant grilling pro to test it out. Dom Pompi, owner of Memo’s Restaurant, prepared stuffed burgers with StufZ and then fired up his famous grill.


What did Dom use to stuff his StufZ burger? “We are going to put some jalapeno bacon,” Pompi decided. “You don’t see this around town, we are one of the few places that have it throw some provolone cheese in here.”

After testing his StufZ creation Dom shares his thoughts. “Good… it’s good!” he responds. The WGGB segment agrees that StufZ is a “quick way to cook a burger like a pro.”

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StufZ Makes a Burger into a Meal

Valley News Live runs a segment where various As Seen on TV products are tested. StufZ was put to the test not long ago and the results are in for the grilling season.

Craig Solway, a viewer of Valley News Live, offered up his grill for the opportunity to prep some stuffed burgers using StufZ. Usually Craig just piles cheese and veggies on top of his burgers. “They get to be pretty messy though,” says Craig.


What were the results? Craig’s stuffed burgers contained vegetables and cheese and his StufZ burgers came out bigger than expected. “[T]hat’s a big burger,” says Craig.

Craig likes the StufZ burger press and already seeking out new recipes to use with his StufZ. Craig definitely said he would buy one and his family agrees that they want more StufZ burgers on their menu!

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StufZ Makes Complex Stuffed Burger Recipes with Ease

stufz-reviews-jamies-cornerStufZ was recently reviewed on the site Jamie’s Corner. Jamie is a self-proclaimed “burger-loving foodie” and weighs different angles of preparing stuffed burgers to see if StufZ makes an impact. “I’ve always been terrible at stuffing my own burger patties. My kitchen comes out looking like a war zone with all of the remnant ingredients that never seemed to want to pack nicely into my delectable patties sprawled out all over my counters,” Jamie stresses.

Jamie reports being very impressed with StufZ and she points out her top reasons for liking StufZ:
• The patties have excellent shapes
• No spillage
• It’s relatively easy to clean
• Considerably fewer mess around the kitchen
• The finish product tastes great
• It has an easy to use design
• Easy to assemble and disassemble
• Easily stored in a cabinet or cupboard

To add to this, Jamie really likes the creativity that StufZ affords her. Instead of wrestling with burger patties and stuffing spillage, she can put her efforts towards new and exciting recipes. “The real benefit in all of this is that you have the option to create several different combinations. You can use all kinds of stuffing and toppings with StufZ. You could create mushroom burgers, vegetarian burgers, burgers with a lot of chili or even burgers made from tofu. It’s your call!”

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StufZ Sizzles in the Kitchen

Epic Review Guys posted a video review of StufZ recently. Epic reviewer, Chris, demonstrated with his assistant, Danielle, how to make stuffed burgers using StufZ. Together they showed how easy it is to prepare StufZ burgers in a kitchen setting and their video captures each burger patty being pressed in the StufZ. They create one stuff burger with cheddar cheese and another with fresh spinach and cheddar cheese.


The perfectly formed patties cooked up without losing any of their shape in a regular frying pan on the stovetop. Within just a few minutes, their meal was done.

The video shows the steaming inside of the juicy patties filled with cheese melted and greens wilted, ready for eating. As for flavor, Danielle says of the StufZ burgers, “They taste great!”

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